Laurel Stone
Veneta, OR
Fleece/Fiber, Purebred, Merino
Stephanie Schiffgens
Eugene, OR
541.844-1110 or 541.915-1462
High percentage Gotland sheep/Swedish standard/wool, meat, pelts
L. Sean Park
Monmouth, OR
Dorset and natural colored sheep for meat and wool. Also selling farm crafted items.
D. Elaine Pommarane
Gold Beach, OR
Victoria Manns
Scio, OR
Crabtree Farm is located in the Willamette Valley. We raise fine-wool West Coast Merino Sheep. We have raw fleeces, mill produced yarn, roving and batts. Variety of colors available.
Lynn Trupp
Portland, OR
Commercial crosses, Romney – Sells Fleece & Fiber Products
Troy & Loren Heath
Yamhill, OR
Border Leicesters; Texels; Mix Breeds – Sells Fleece & Fiber, Locker Lamb
Sara O’Neill
Siletz, OR
Locker lamb, skirted fleeces and wool roving. Coming soon–Registered Border Leicester breeding stock
K. Ruby Blume & Jordan Reed
Grants Pass, OR
WeLoveSheep.com offers shearing and flock management services, small and large flocks throughout Oregon and Northern California. Please inquire through our website. — On our small farm we raise small and medium frame heritage sheep for meat and fiber. We raise some primitive breeds, such as Navajo Churro and Soay and some fine wool breeds including BFL and Corriedale. We sell breeding stock, lambs for the freezer, fleeces and hides.
Jill Hackett
Ferndale, CA
Cheviot, Dorset, Romney – Sells Locker Lamb, Fleece & Fiber
Jared Lloyd
Scio, OR
Prime lamb, forage-based maternal genetics and sire stock, commercial and hand spinning fleeces, targeted grazing, exceptional range/farm LGDs.
Dalton Long
Dexter, OR
With a herd consisting of Border Leicester and other commercial ewes, we offer wool and lambs. Also custom grazing and farm labor available.
Bonanza, OR
Commercial Crosses – Hamps & Corriedales – Sells Fleece & Fiber products
Ruthann Duncan
Cottage Grove, OR
Purebred Romney Flock Selected for natural color and spinning quality fleeces. Lambs and breeding stock available. LooseEndsFiberWorks provides custom wool blends and dyed fiber for hand spinning, Longwool sheep pelts, and hands-on yarns. Find us on Facebook @looseendsfiberworks.
Chelsea Imdieke
Molalla, OR
Romney breeding stock, market lambs, wool products (raw fleeces, carded batts, roving, mill and handspun yarn)
Shirley DeMaris
Bend, OR
Romney, BFL & English Leicester crosses – Sells Locker lamb, Fleece & Fiber Products
Briarlyn McFarland
Drain, OR
Coopworth, Clun Forest, Meat, Wool, Fleece & Yarn
JoAnn Mast
Coquille, OR
Romney, Natural Colored Romneys – Sells Fleece & Fiber Products
Martin R. Dally
Lebanon, OR
Semen Sales – 23 Different breeds – Gotland – Teeswater & Valais Black Nose – Sells Locker Lamb, Fleece & Fiber
Ened McNett
Corvallis, OR
Raising Clun Forests to improve your cross breeding program. Grass fed locker lamb. Raw fleeces available.
Gary & Deanna Garrard
Hermiston, OR
Romney – Sells fleece, hand-spun yarn & Locker lamb