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About the Association


The Oregon Sheep Growers Association is a non-profit organization formed in 1895. OSGA is dedicated to promoting the growth and profitability of the sheep industry in Oregon. OSGA is a supporting member of ASI – the American Sheep Industry Association. As such, OSGA works in cooperation with ASI on national policy issues important to all lamb and wool producers. OSGA also represents Oregon sheep producers before the Oregon State Legislative and the state agencies regulating Oregon agriculture and the livestock industry.


OSGA is still going strong after more than 124 years. Each year it becomes increasingly apparent that support and participation in a state association which represents the industry and the interests of its members is a necessity! In the words of one OSGA member, “It is difficult for me to spend the time necessary to know what is happening politically, which may impact me and the profits from my flock. Fortunately, OSGA and ASI are there to monitor and lobby for my interests. It gives me confidence to know that my membership dollars are used to preserve the sheep industry in Oregon.

Oregon Sheep Growers - Oregon Sheep Commission

Oregon Sheep Commission

Oregon Sheep Commission places an assessment on the sale of sheep for the purpose promoting Oregon’s sheep industry. Assessments are utilized to fund programs that will increase awareness of the sheep industry, the value of lamb and wool products and to support research improving and enhancing the production, processing, and marketing of Oregon products.

Oregon Sheep Growers - Scrapie

SOS! Stamp Out Scrapie

The National Scrapie Eradication Program is a mandatory federal program. All sheep must be tagged when leaving the premises or if sold to another owner. Only sheep under 18 months of age and in slaughter channels are exempt from tagging requirements.

Oregon Sheep Growers - Make it With Wool

Make It With Wool

The Make It With Wool has been promoting the versatility, beauty and wearability of wool since 1947! Through the contests, participants enjoy sharing their creativity and skills with each other and the public. Friendships are formed, precious memories are made, and life experiences are gained.


Member Benefits

  • Public affairs advocate for the sheep industry at both the state and national level
  • Access to educational programs within the state and through online webinars and resources
  • Industry information through OSGA’s E-News and ASI’s magazine, Sheep Industry News
  • Public education and promotional through Oregon AgFest, Oregon Make It With Wool, and lamb tasting promotions
  • Networking opportunities through OSGA sponsored programs, annual meeting and seminars

Join the OSGA

Complete the online membership application or download, print and return the PDF below with your dues to OSGA.

OSGA Programs



Increase the odds of getting lambs on the ground & off to a good start.

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Oregon Sheep Growers - Lamb School



For students majoring in agriculture-related fields of study.

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Oregon Sheep Growers - Scholarship



Class size is limited and fills very quickly, so register early.

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Oregon Sheep Growers - Shearing School



A learning experience designed to assist producers.

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