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Veterinary Feed Directive Questions & Answers for Oregon Livestock Producers

US Food & Drug Administration posted a video explaining the new Veterinary Feed Directive.  Effective January 1, 2017, medically important antimicrobials in medicated feed will become VFD drugs, and the resulting VFD feed must be authorized by a licensed veterinarian and distributed and used in compliance with the VFD regulation.  Also, animal producers will no longer be able to use these VFD feeds for growth promotion or feed efficiency.  Short videos to help understand the new procedures are available at:

For Oregon producers – Information provided by Oregon State University Extension:


Best Practices to Increase your Lamb Crop

Link To 12 Best Practices Series brought to you by the “Let’s Grow” Committee and the United States Lamb Resource Center, Productivity Best Practices

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Check out the YouTube video of Dr. Paul Kuber demonstrating the fabrication of a lamb carcass. This is just part of what you missed by not attending the 2015 Pacific NW Lamb & Wool Symposium:

Selenium Supplementation Strategies for Livestock in Oregon

Oregon livestock producers will be interested in a new report summarizing the role of selenium in the livestock diet. The report, prepared by Fara A. Brummer, area Extension specialist/ livestock systems, North Dakota State University (formerly of Oregon State University); Gene J. Pirelli, regional Extension livestock/ forage specialist, and Jean A. Hall, professor, College of Veterinary Medicine; both of Oregon State University, discusses selenium supplementation rates, provides information on forms of Selenium and methods of supplementation and summarize selenium research conducted by Oregon State University extension.

Over the past few years, the Oregon Sheep Commission was pleased to contribute to these research efforts. To read the full report:


Use of Selenium-Rich Coproducts to Manage Selenium Deficiency in Oregon Sheep
By J. B. Taylor, USDA, ARS, US Sheep Experiment Station prepared for the Oregon Sheep Commission under Funded Projects on the Oregon Sheep Commission web site:
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Controlling the Future of Your Ranch with Effective Estate Planning
By Brett Crosby, Custom Ag Solutions
Risk Management Update: Risk Tolerance and Organizational Goal Setting
By Custom Ag Solutions

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Sheep Industry Handbook

The SID Manual is an excellent resource covering the basics of sheep production. Topics include Sheep Breeding, Forages, Handling, Health, Management, Marketing, Nutrition, Predator Control, Quality Assurance, Reproduction, Sheep Care and Wool. It can be ordered from the American Sheep Industry Association: