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Mike Cowdrey

M&S Livestock
Scio, OR
Phone: 541.979.3703

James J. Lunders

Rogue River, OR
Phone: 541.826-6866
Info:  Small Flock sheep shearing – Southern Oregon

Correy McAtee

Prineville, OR
Phone: 541.416.2491

John Quimby

Idleyld, OR
Phone: 541.496.0767

Joe’s Sheep Shearing

Joseph Carey Unfred
Salem, OR
Phone: 503.967.5189
Info: I am a sheep shearer with a business that covers the Willamette Valley and Western part of the state. I am certified through the ASI and have been trained and recertified through the Washington State University programs in Moses Lake, WA.

Dwight Cummins

Silverton, OR
Phone: 503.873-4630
Info: Experienced shearer. Small Flocks only.

Manuel Santana

Albany, OR
Phone: 541.570-2756
Info:  Will travel anywhere in the Northwest – Sheep, Alpacas, Llamas, Goats and Hoof trimming

Shawn Ward

Corvallis, OR
Phone:  406.437-8498
Info:  Experienced shearer. No ranch too Big or too Small. Willing to travel. Large flocks OK. Also shears Llamas, Alpacas and goats. Call for an estimate.