Wool Contacts

Wool Contacts

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Margaret Magruder
Oregon Shepherd

Clatskanie, OR
Phone: 503.728.2945
Email: magruder@clatskanie.com
Info:  Sells Wooly Lamb Covers & Wool Insulation

Pendleton Woolen Mills

Daniel Gutzman
Phone: 503.535-5548
Email:  danieleg@penwool.com
Keith Stonelake
Phone: 503.289.3642
Email:  keithas@penwool.com
Info:  Purchasing and selling wool in Oregon at our Columbia Wool location in Portland.

Roswell Wool

Mike Corn
Phone: 1.800.624.9665 and 575.622.3360
Email: mikecorn@roswellwool.com
Website: http://www.roswellwool.com

Utah Wool Marketing Association

Will Hart Griggs: Manager
Tooele, UT
Phone: 801.201.9706
Email: wgriggs@digis.net

Woolgatherer Carding Mill

Antone Lemos
Montague, CA
Phone: 530.459.5941
Email: woolbuy@gmail.com
Website: www.thewoolgatherer.com
Info:  Our mill produces several different wool products. The primary product is carded wool batting.

Yocom-McColl Wool Testing Labs

Denver, CO
Phone: 303.294.0582
Email: ymccoll@ymccoll.com
Website: http://www.ymccoll.com
Info:  For Individual Animal Fiber Diameter Measurement